A Bit of History

My name is Gunter Franzke, I have been interested in racing pigeons from the early age of nine. My first set of pigeons were given to me by my neighbor who was a well known flyer in my hometown of Bremen ,Germany. Although I never raced my own birds, I enjoyed watching and taking care of them.

In 1956 looking for a better life so my family and I immigrated to the United States. After arriving in California I was convinced that this is where I wanted to stay. 

Once I graduated from high school I spent four years in the US Army, and was stationed in Europe. After completing my military duty in 1965, I returned to California to work for the Angelus Can Machine Co, Most of my time was spent working, getting married and raising a family. Any free time was spent playing soccer and enjoying the California life.

Finally in 1981 with the encouragement from my wife Heike, I decided to build a loft. Soon after, I joined the Bellflower Racing Pigeon Club, which was a member of the Southern California Sportsman Combine.

Success in this highly competitive sport came with the help from my good friends and mentors Robert Schmutz and the late Fred Watkins and Bill Soderberg. At the present time I fly with the Compton Racing Pigeon Club along side many other highly competitive flyers.

It takes quality birds, excellent health, well conditioned racing pigeons and most of all a happy loft to place on top of the race sheets consistently.

After forty years on my job, I retired in 2005 to enjoy more time with my family, the birds, golf and tennis.

Gunter Franzke

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