The Loft

Flying Loft: 30′ long x 8′ deep –
5 sections

  • Cock Loft
  • Hen Loft
  • 3 Young Bird Sections

Our loft is located at our residence in east Long Beach, California. The loft was built in 1981 and was modified many times since then. Modifications were made only to improve matters for the birds and us. 

We clean our loft daily during race season and always vacuum it weekly. The glass water containers are cleaned daily. Fresh water is given to the birds twice a day.

Our loft sections are well ventilated with no drafts. The key to healthy pigeons is a clean and bone dry loft. Grit, oyster shells and minerals are all kept in small containers and changed every other day.

Both, inside and outside of the loft are always kept presentable. The birds are never released around the loft unless someone attends to them.
To keep our blood pressure down on race day we use the Unikon electronic clocking system.
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